The Ultimate Retractable Blade Multitool Lets You Conquer Daily Tasks In Seconds

The Lever Gear Edge XT is the world's easiest to carry, easiest to use multitool that combines a retractable utility blade with the most useful tools for daily life. With the perfect blend of style and versatility, the Edge will be your go-to tool for everyday carry.

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10 Tools At Your Fingertips

Scavenging for tools every time you want to open a package or turn a screw is a pain. With 10 useful tools including a utility blade, screwdrivers, box and bottle openers, you’ll save time and knock out your to-do list.

With The Edge XT, You'll Knock Out Tasks In No Time Flat.

Easy To Deploy

Thumb slider provides easy access with lock switch for added safety.

Easy To Change

Quickly change blades with any standard #11 craft blade.

Easy To Use

With an ergonomic grip and 10 tools, you'll be ready for anything.

The Perfect Size For Everyday Carry

Its slim profile and light weight make the Edge XT easy to carry on a keychain or in your pocket or bag. Yet it’s large enough to grip comfortably when using the tools.

Quick And Safe Utility Blade

The locking thumb slider allows one-handed operation to quickly deploy and retract the blade while keeping your hand out of harm's way.

The safety lock switch prevents accidental blade extension while carrying, so you won’t cut yourself or your pockets.

Easily Remove and Replace Blades

Don’t risk getting your pocket knife confiscated at the airport or stadium. The Edge XT lets you ditch the 20 cent blade and keep your tool (and your sanity).

Quick release feature lets you change blades in seconds with any standard #11 craft blade.

Get Stuff Done And Do It In Style

It’s time to step up and take charge of daily tasks. With the Edge, you’re prepared to tackle whatever the day throws at you. 

Its smart design and durable metal construction make the Edge XT an essential part of your everyday carry.

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